Customer satisfaction survey

Professional customer satisfaction surveys for your company

Our experienced telemarketers personally contact the people or companies on your list. Our team guarantees professional execution of your customer satisfaction survey.

Efficient customer satisfaction surveys

A customer satisfaction survey provides you with valuable information regarding the satisfaction and buying behaviour of your clients and prospects.

For an optimal efficiency of our phone surveys, we operate under the following criteria:

  1. The survey should be relevant and purposeful. Thorough preparation is essential.
  2. The survey requires expert telemarketers with experience.
  3. The survey will be completed with a quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Step-by-step plan of a customer satisfaction survey

  1. The database. You have no target group database? Firstlink provides the necessary data.
  2. The questionnaire and script. We will discuss them with you.
  3. Our telemarketers receive thorough training in the questionnaire and script.
  4. Our telemarketers contact the target audience. The survey is conducted.
  5. We provide a daily or weekly report.
  6. We present you with the final results (qualitative and quantitative).

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