Do you want to send a mailing by post? Firstlink will take responsibility for the entire process.

What can we do for your mailing?

Process your database in the appropriate format. Finalise and print your prospect material. Process the mailing and send it via post.


Large and small mailing assignments

You want to send a mailing to your clients, prospects or subscribers? You can engage us for every type of mailing assignment, both for small and large editions.

Standard mailing or client specific

  1. for the standard mailing we use a standard size envelope and brochure to enable machine processing. This way we print the name and address of the addressee and the required postage on every envelope.
  2. for client specific mailing we deviate from the standard sizes. We print, fold and package your mailing, leaflet or brochure according to your requirements.


Thanks to our knowledge and experience we process and send your mailing in a professional and cost efficient way, and within the agreed time frame: usually a few days.

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